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Primarily it is our mission to offer underprivileged children in Bosnia Herzegovina a better situation at home in order that they can look forward to a safe and happy future. We want to achieve this by setting up each year a number of small projects directed for a child or family in Bosnia Herzegovina.

Norms and values

100% of all donor donations go to a chosen project or purpose.

This takes place with respect to the child or family. The local economy is involved as much as possible in the relief efforts. Communication with donors and all other persons involved is honest and sincere.


Volunteers who work on behalf of 2Bchild must be able to get satisfaction in the tasks and time spent. We work with Dutch and local Bosnian volunteers and professionals. By working with experienced volunteers and professionals, as well as by visiting the projects on location, we know the situation personally and therefore can offer the correct direct help.


We remain a transparent, orderly and neatly arranged organisation with our primary objective being to help children and families.