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Permanent volunteers with administrative duties

Dick Haarsma (Vice President)

In 2008 my wife Tjiska and I hosted two Bosnian children via Pax Kinderhulp Amersfoort in our home for a holiday. I was also an active volunteer between 2009 and 2013 on the activities committee and as Chairman. Since 2009 I have travelled regularly to Bosnia visiting the children we hosted in our home. Consequently I realized that I would like to do more for the children and their families by providing material goods bought in their homeland. In 2014 I joined forces with Erwin so as to be able to help even more. Our wish being to develop 2Bchild into a successful organisation both in The Netherlands and above all in Bosnia.

Nancy te Nuijl (President)

I registered in 2011 with Pax Kinderhulp in Amersfoort to take a Bosnian child in my home for a holiday. Having enjoyed the experience so much i put my name down for the following year and at the same time joined the Board of the working committee. Performing secretarial, pr and sponsorship duties i became more and more involved with the Bosnian children. Privately and with Pax Kinderhulp i also visited Bosnia a couple of times. Unfortunately it became increasingly difficult for Pax Kinderhulp to find host families and the campaign was discontinued. However my interest didn’t wane! Attending a 2Bchild information evening and on seeing the invitation on Facebook for people interested in seeing the project with their own eyes, it made sense to me to go along. My enthusiasm for the work that 2Bchild did only grew and hitting it off with the other volunteers was asked to help in making 2Bchild a success.

Erika van Schooten (Secretary)

Together with my husband Erwin we were a host family to Bosnian children between 2004-2014 welcoming thirteen children for a holiday and six accompanying adults into our home. During this period I was a volunteer for Pax Kinderhulp Amersfoort mainly serving on the activities committee. In 2006 Erwin and I visited Bosnia for the first time. Learning the language has proven to be considerably beneficial in our contact with the families and children to whom over the years we have offered small scale help. I am mainly the go-between in communications with the volunteers, children and donors in Bosnia. I have written a book over our experiences “Dobro Dosli” which is still available via Bol.com. All profits from which go to 2BChild.

Erwin van Schooten (Treasurer)

I was also active at the same time as a volunteer on the Board of Pax Kinderhulp Amersfoort.

Since 2006 Erika and I have visited children in Bosnia, some of whom had been guests in our home. These trips widened our contacts with in Bosnian families, governmentbodies, e.g. social services, schools, etc. resulting in the formation of 2BChild. I am actively involved with the public relations, keep the books and maintain the website. I am also the contact for sponsors, Press and other agencies, thereby also supporting a number of projects.

Temporary volunteers

In addition there are also a number of people who help with different activities. Their support is very important to us. Some of them help with one particular project, while others help on a regular basis. 2BChild aims to give all volunteers satisfaction, no matter what their input is, in the work they carry out. Please contact us if you would like to help!

Stephan and Sonja van den Hoven

We also began initially as volunteers for Pax Kinderhulp Amersfoort. Between 1998 and 2010 we hosted children in our home from Vukovar (Croatia) and became members of the activitiescommittee. On the reserve list for host families we also welcomed children from Tuzla and Kljuc together with a number of accompanying adults who helped Pax and us with the Bosnian children. Remaining interested we have maintained our contacts and continue to try through a financial and active contribution to 2Bchild to improve the situation for a number of children and their families on a permanent basis.